Fort Pierce, Florida - Established 2012

We are veterans helping veterans


 The cornerstone of our foundation is a 33’ yacht that we take our Veterans and their families out on, to relax on the water and enjoy a day in the Florida sun.

You see the stress and heartache leave their faces as they step aboard our boat and leave with a smile from ear to ear! It is the first step in our goal to support and serve our Veterans. 

The smallest gestures, make the biggest impact on our Veterans coming home from combat. We also assist Veterans transition back into civilian life. Most importantly, our goal is to prevent, and bring awareness to Veteran suicide, which in Florida, is extremely high.

Help us  welcome our Heroes back into our community with open arms. It is not enough to say Thank You, followed with a handshake or hug, although it is deeply appreciated. It is most important to show your support by getting involved in volunteering, or to donate. You might save a life!

volunteer opportunities


  • Dive Masters
  • Divers
  • Volunteers to assist with fundraising efforts
  • Volunteers to assist with future Events 
  • Other Various Volunteer Opportunities
  • Graphic Designers


Those interested in helping in this effort by volunteering time should contact COO, Monique Guertin, at

Our Programs

Saint Lucie County Artificial Reef Program

 We are proudly partnering with Saint Lucie County on various projects, such as the deployment of  the Voici Bernadette as an artificial reef. We will be assisting with research, such as marking reefs, cataloging reef growth, identifying different species of fishes, and reef cleanup. The purpose of our partnership is twofold - we are helping Saint Lucie County in their efforts to produce long term environmental benefits, in addition to providing activities to our Veterans,  such as diving 

Housing Program

 We help to get Veterans into affordable apartments, waiving application fees and reducing rent. 

Boots to Suits Program

 We provide donated suits and business attire to returning Veterans, along with resume assistance, to get them back into Civilian work. 

Women to Women Program

 Wives of Veterans come together for group discussions and activities to provide support to one another. It is a sisterhood for women living with Veterans who have disabilities and PTSD. 

Emergency Financial Help

 We have a dedicated fund for all Veterans that are in need of financial help whether if it’s with their mortgage, rent, electric, or any other financial problem they might have. 

Captain Gary Scholarship

 The children of our Law Enforcement and Military Veterans who have lost their lives to suicide, will be able to qualify for this scholarship 



We have a 16' trailer equipped with a computer workstation for Veterans to look up their VA benefits, or to search for work, an AC unit and a kitchenette. We bring our trailer to the several homeless camps around the Treasure Coast, to provide some relief to our homeless Veterans. 



Every month, we take Veterans out on fishing and diving trips, on our 33' boat, free of charge. The purpose of this, is to provide fun activities to our Veterans.



We are small, but we do our best to help families in need. BY the Grace of God, we always manage.  Please help us to help our Veterans. Donating your time or money will make a difference. We can all share the load.